Mr. Cahill Goes to Albany

He’s not quite as folksy as Jimmy Stewart, but he is very effective in his role as Legislative Chair for our state organization, the ACBNY. And he’s the WCBNY’s very own vice-president. Martin Cahill is fresh off leading the state’s legislative weekend, advocating for an agenda that includes, among other things, electronic ballot return, licensure for O&M Instructors and Visual Rehab Therapists, and infant vision screening.

As part of his duties with the Legislative Committee, Martin was asked to appear as a guest on David Lombardo’s Capitol Pressroom program for WCNY Radio. He’s done two such interviews to date.

The first program focused on the topic of electronic ballot return. Martin lays out a strong case for why this is needed and how it will help the blind and visually impaired community. You can check that out by clicking here.

The second program, airing just this week, covered other items in our legislative agenda. That interview is at this link.